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On the eve of the World Cup, Atletico Madrid misses the fifth straight game without a win

On the eve of the opening of the World Cup in Qatar on November 21, the 14th round of La Liga continued today. Atlético de Madrid, which had won two consecutive games, was in trouble again. In this game, they defeated Mallorca 1-0 and won. With the fifth unbeaten record of the season, he is about to fall out of the European qualifiers.

Atletico Madrid was passive in the first half and the defense was weak

In the first half, the visiting team Atletico Madrid started at a disadvantage. They were passively covered by the home team entering the penalty area many times, and they did not create any chance to attack.

In the 16th minute, the home team Mallorca scored a 4-man pass. The visiting team’s 29-year-old goalkeeper Jan Oblak and the defender were both defeated, and the home team’s 28-year-old striker Vedat Murić made a close shot in front of the goal. This is his 8th goal in La Liga this season!

The visiting team tried to turn the tide in the 22nd minute, which was Atletico’s only offensive breakthrough in the game. The then 30-year-old Alvaro Morata received a long pass from the right side of the penalty area and slanted the ball with his right foot into the far left corner of the goal to equalize the score! However, he was ruled offside by the VAR referee and the goal was disallowed.

Afterwards, Atletico Madrid struggled to create attacking opportunities. They had a free kick and an equalizer in stoppage time, but they were both saved by Mallorca’s 27-year-old goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic and could not score. In the end, the score continued 1-0. Unbeatable record.

On the eve of the World Cup, Atletico Madrid misses the fifth straight game without a win

Atletico Madrid set another 5-match winless streak since 2020

In this game, it was Mallorca’s 3rd victory in 4 games, and this game was their 2nd consecutive victory over Atletico Madrid.

Atletico face a weak defense at this stage, conceding an average of 7 goals per game, which is why they can’t win in 5 games.

It is worth mentioning that, under the leadership of Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone, this is the first time the team has not won in 5 games since 2020, and has won 3 draws and 4 losses in La Liga this season. The record has shaken the 6th La Liga standings.

In addition, Atletico Madrid also won 5 consecutive games without a win with 2 draws and 3 losses in the recent Champions League, and they were eliminated in the bottom of the group stage.

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