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Serie A – Home vs Cremonese Empoli looking to stay further out of the relegation zone

The 15th round of the 2022/23 Serie A season will take the lead in a battle tomorrow. Empoli, who is at home, will face the newly-promoted Cremonese, and hope to win and continue to widen the distance from the relegation zone.

Since the beginning of this season, Empoli has only achieved 3 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses, including the 0-2 loss to Napoli in the last round of away games. At present, Empoli ranks 14th in the standings with 14 points, 7 ahead of the relegation zone. only points. However, Empoli beat Sassuolo 1-0 in the last home game, so the “Blue Legion” still has a certain ability to score points in the home game.

In terms of Cremonese​ , the team was promoted to Serie A after finishing runner-up in Serie B last season, but Cremonese has only scored 7 draws and 7 losses this season without a win, and it seems that it is not suitable for Serie A games. Although the defending champion AC Milan drew 1-1 at home in the last round, Cremonese still had to seek a breakthrough in this campaign to complete the goal of relegation.

It is worth mentioning that Empoli and Cremonese have never played against each other in Serie A, so this game is the first time the two sides have played against each other in Serie A.

In terms of lineup, Empoli and Luperto were sent off by a red card in the last round, so the game was automatically suspended, while Tonelli, Derwent and Destro were all injured. The battle is still unknown. Cremonese has Radu, Desells, Kirikesh and Askasiba on the injured list.

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