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“Premier League” Manchester City beat Villa in excellent form to enter the League Cup round of 16

The English League continues to be in full swing, and the English League Cup is now in the final match of the third round. Manchester United faces Aston Villa. In the end, Bruno Fernandes’s refraction goal overtakes the score. Manchester United won 4-2 and entered the league. Cup round of 16 .

This is the second meeting between Manchester United and Aston Villa in 5 days. Goalkeeper Dubravka played for the first time. Diogu Dallo, Maguire, Lindelof and Malaysia were in defense. McTominay and Fred served as a backup, and Rashford , B Fei, Van de Beek and Martial were jointly responsible for the attack.

Coach Ten Hag said in an interview that he has full confidence in goalkeeper Dubravka, who is playing for the first time, because he is experienced and has played many games in the Premier League. He remains calm at all times and knows how to command the line of defense, which makes the team feel very relieved.

Here’s a rundown of the race for you:

In the fourth minute of the first half, Manchester United’s midfielder made a long pass to attack, and goalkeeper Olsen took the ball. Neither shot was made. In the 18th minute, Fred made an oblique pass from the left, and Rashford made a cross to let Fei push the empty goal, but Master La was offside and invalidated the advanced goal. In the 32nd minute, Villa took a corner kick, the ball spun and went straight to the dead corner, McTominay blocked Dubravka’s header to make a clearance.

In the 48th minute of the second half , it was a crucial moment. Watkins got rid of Maguire’s ball and broke into the penalty area. Dalot did not stop it. Watkins scored directly, and Villa 1-0 Manchester United! In the 60th minute, Villa scored again! Ashley Young picked a pass from the side penalty area, Bailey hit the goal from a small angle, Dalot instinctively made a clearance and scored an own goal, Villa 2-1 Manchester United! In the 67th minute, Manchester United tied again! Rashford headed the ball to ferry, and Eriksen gently tapped the ball to Rashford before he fell to the ground. The latter faced Villa’s containment and hit a close corner after a few people. Manchester United 2-2 In the90th minute of Vera , McTominay scored in front of the goal, Manchester United 4-2 Vera! Manchester City finally beat Villa 4-2.

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