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Sacchi says this World Cup is Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi’s last chance to win

Italian legend Sacchi recently talked about his views on this World Cup in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

As for which team is most optimistic about in this World Cup , Sacchi believes that Portugal may be a favorite. He said that Portugal may create miracles because their lineup is excellent and they have Cristiano Ronaldo.

Regarding the question of Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s age, Sacchi believes that Cristiano Ronaldo has overwhelmed everything for his last World Cup. He said that Cristiano Ronaldo’s career has many trophies in the UK, except for the World Cup. Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo and there are many excellent players, such as Felix, Bernardo Silva, Vitina, Leo, etc. You can’t just watch Cristiano Ronaldo, because to win the World Cup requires the strong cooperation of the entire team . Sacchi believes Portugal has these qualities and will give everything for the goal.

Sacchi also mentioned Messi , who is also the last World Cup, and he said that it is also the last chance for Messi to win the championship. Argentina is a good team with a lot of Serie A players and he himself will keep a close eye on it.

This is the fifth World Cup for Ronaldo and Messi . In fact, only six of the Argentine team participated in the 2018 World Cup. In addition to Messi, Di Maria, etc., Inter Milan’s Lautaro is Argentina’s second scorer.

As for the midfielder, Lo Celso has undergone surgery and is expected to take 10 weeks to recover and is determined to miss the World Cup. Therefore, DePaul Haparedes, two members of the “Iron Triangle of Midfield”, will usher in a new partner, and this partner is expected to be Enzo who has performed well this season.

Argentina’s defense has improved steadily compared to previous World Cups. The biggest advantage of this team is their integrity. They have used a set of play styles and a set of lineups for 4 years. With a tacit understanding, they are expected to enter the top 32 of the World Cup.

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