CSGO: Watching the game openly, fanatical fans were chased away by security guards.

CSGO: Watching the game openly, fanatical fans were chased away by security guards.

The competition is fierce, and the audience has their own team to support. The emotions are too fluctuating, and it is inevitable that they will be expressed through words without realizing it, such as shouting, abuse, and instigated by the enthusiasm of the atmosphere of the game, the body movements will come out, watching the game. The contestants are more excited than the contestants. Staying at home and watching the live broadcast alone, it doesn’t matter if you are unintentional, but you must pay more attention to your words and deeds when watching the live game, so as not to affect the experience of others and the emotions of the contestants.

In an IEM Rio Major 2022 game, a 16-year-old boy was kicked out by the security guard for excessively cursing and making aggressive gestures to the contestants. Afterwards, he was interviewed by reporters and said that he was a fan of Vitality . Said some dirty words to the OG players, and in the first pistol round, two security guards came to ask him to leave.

In addition, he apologized for his actions, and he may swear less, but it is impossible to watch the game silently and not scolded anyone during the whole process, and said, “I will continue to support the Brazilian team.”

On the first day of the game, the fan had been “interacting” with the players. Nearby spectators could hear the boy’s abuse and mistakenly thought he was joking. Who knew that he was sincerely “invited” by the security guards soon after. outside. It is recommended that spectators be polite and respect the occasion when watching the game live.

source: live.77577.live

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