Defeated by Malaysia’s representative, Jonathan Christie won the 2022 BrightUp Cup after defeating Ginting

Jonatan Christie won the 2022 BrightUp Cup after defeating Anthony Sinisuka Ginting with a score of 25- 23. Preliminarily, Jojo failed to win in the first match of Group B Bright Up Cup 2022. Malaysian Men’s Mates, Leong Jun Ha successfully fraudulent Jojo, 25- 23.

Jonatan Christie’s palm in the BWF World Tour Tests simulation event he learned a lot. For information, the BNI BrightUp Cup is a mini badminton event for the men’s mates and doubles sectors. The point system uses a 1×25 rally point.

Single sector by presenting six badminton players. Videlicet, badminton players from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The six badminton players are divided into two groups and the leaders of the standings will contend in the final.

Jonatan joined Leong Jun Hao (Malaysia) and Sitthikom Thamsin (Thailand) in group B. In group A, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting, Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo and Ng Tze Yong (Malaysia) joined.

Jonathan didn’t play well in Group B; he was forced to give up on Leong Jun Hao. In the last match, the gold order proprietor of the 2018 Asian Games rose by defeating Sitthikom Thammasin 25- 16.

Jonathan Takes Assignments from Winning Bright Up Cup 2022

BNI BrightUp Cup 2022
Jonatan Christie against Anthony Sinisuka Ginting in the final match of the BNI BrightUp Cup 2022 at Tennis Indoor, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (10/11) night WIB. Jonathan won 25-23 (photo: PBSI)a

In the final, the battle was relatively instigative going on. Ginting managed to catch up to Jojo who had a match point of 24-20. Ginting secured all three points before Jojo saved it with a serve that hit the net. Jojo came out as champion by getting a prize of $7000 United States and Ginting got $6000 United States.

” From this mini event I can learn before going to the BWF World Tour Tests latterly. If you win or lose in the first match, you must stay focused on the coming match. Because, being careless a little can be fatal,” said Jonatan.

” This match is good because it’s like a simulation for the BWF World Tour Tests latterly. The system is nearly analogous to the group before it just entered the knockout phase. With this one of the medications, hopefully there will be suitable to give the stylish,” said Anthony.

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