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Hazard, who has rarely played at Real Madrid this season, is expected to leave after the World Cup

After the final round of Ligue 1 before the Qatar World Cup , the national team players are heading to Qatar one after another to prepare. Today, 31-year-old Belgian striker Eden Hazard, who is currently playing for Real Madrid in La Liga, mentioned his views on playing in Real Madrid and representing his country in the World Cup after arriving in Qatar.

Hazard said that, as the captain of the Belgian national team, he is now fortunate to participate in the third World Cup in his career, and this year he will seize the opportunity to sacrifice everything to lead the team to the World Cup.

When asked by the media whether this session will be the last World Cup in his career, Hazard said with a smile: “I can’t rule out this possibility, after all, like other veteran players, I have reached the age of leaving the national team, but no matter what this session is Whether the World Cup is my last, I will fight to the end in the Qatar World Cup!”

As of today, Hazard has ushered in his 15th year of football career. He has extensive combat experience in the Premier League, Ligue 1 and La Liga. He is also the captain of Belgium for seven consecutive terms since 2015. His achievements have been affirmed by the public, and he was also named the third person in contemporary world football.

Hazard, who has rarely played at Real Madrid this season, is expected to leave after the World Cup

It is worth noting that the media also raised questions about Hazard’s very few appearances in La Liga for Real Madrid this season. The Belgian captain said bluntly that he has also experienced the situation of being replaced in the Premier League Chelsea and Ligue 1, so it is not surprising at Real Madrid.

And he also believes that this situation will soon appear in the Belgian national team, and said that the 27-year-old Leandro Trossard, who is currently in the prime of the Premier League Brighton, is more capable than him in the national team. Blessings will be given.

With the response of the Belgian re-elected captain, it also implied that Real Madrid may have looked for a candidate to replace Hazard. It is predicted that the Real Madrid abandonment will likely part ways with Real Madrid in the winter transfer window after the World Cup. However, if Hazard has a high level of performance in the World Cup, it will greatly promote the possibility of Aston Villa recruiting the Belgian captain to return to the Premier League.

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