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Wales returns to World Cup after 64 years: We are fully qualified

After losing to Brazil in the quarter-finals of the 1958 World Cup, Wales finally returned to the World Cup stage after 64 years, and Wales’ first match in Qatar World Cup will be held on December 21. In addition, coach Rob Page also became the first coach to lead Wales to participate in two major competitions.

In November 2020, Rob Page was the interim coach of the Welsh national team and led Wales to the top 16 of the 2020 European Cup. Afterwards, the team officially became the team’s coach after qualifying for the World Cup. In addition, in the 26-man squad for the World Cup announced by Wales earlier, Fulham stars Harry Wilson and Daniel James both said that Wales’ coming to the World Cup in Qatar is not just making up the numbers.

“We’re not trying to make up numbers”

The 25-year-old Daniel James said in an interview with the media, “We are fully qualified to go to the World Cup in Qatar, and we have completed every game and believe that the team can achieve the best results.” And Harry Wilson also Said, “The World Cup is coming very quickly. The last league game is only 8 days away from the first World Cup group match. Although this is different from the past, we are still very much looking forward to it. We will ensure that the team does its best, and we It’s definitely not to make up the numbers.”

Harry Wilson continued, “For our players, being able to return to the World Cup stage is already a very big achievement for the team. It feels very special to be part of a team that has participated in the European Cup and the World Cup back-to-back .”

It should be noted that Wales​ and the “Three Lions” England are both arranged in Group B. Daniel James said, “There will be no difference with England. I am looking forward to the games of my teammates on the field. If you always want to If you do too much, then you can’t fully commit to the game.”

When asked about the captain of the team, Gareth Bale, Daniel James said, “No matter where he goes, he will do the same thing. If you give him a chance, he will score. It’s really good. Glad to see him go to the World Cup in good health.”

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