Premier League clubs’ furlough scheme during World Cup in Qatar

In order to make way for the World Cup in Qatar , the Premier League will take a break for a period of time and will not continue the second half of the season until December 26. However, during this vacation, various Premier League clubs will carry out their “vacation plan”.

Although the main players of many Premier League clubs have been transferred to the World Cup in Qatar, the remaining players must not neglect training and need to keep them on the field. Therefore, Premier League clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Tottenham, etc. will let players take some time off before going to friendly matches and training.

Premier League clubs' furlough scheme during World Cup in Qatar

Many Premier League clubs will choose to play friendly matches in Dubai, because Dubai is close to Qatar, and they think that countries with warm climates are more suitable for training than countries with winter. In Dubai, players can take advantage of the free time to watch the World Cup, and it is also convenient for players participating in the World Cup to meet with the club. It is said that both Arsenal and Liverpool will go to Dubai for friendly matches with AC Milan and Lyon.

Another club, Bournemouth, also fly to Dubai on November 30 and face Royal Antwerp on December 4. Bournemouth are also planning to play a couple of friendlies on their return to England.

There are also some Premier League clubs traveling to places such as Spain for friendlies. United will travel to Spain for a week-long training session against Cadiz on December 7 and Real Betis on December 10.

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