To ensure a radiant face before the World Cup, Neymar goes to the doctor for plastic surgery?

To ensure a radiant face before the World Cup, Neymar goes to the doctor for plastic surgery?

Don’t look at the football players going all out on the field, and think that sporty boys don’t pay attention to appearance, only care about their own skills. After all, they are not unknown members of the team. A player, upgraded to a star, classified as a public figure, can be captured by reporters at any time, and a random photo will be spread to major online platforms in less than a few seconds. If his ugly side is exposed, what will his image be? All gone.

It is reported that before the World Cup , Neymar went to the beauty clinic for medical cosmetology, and this time he did facial laser. The player calmly faced the reporter’s interview, and he didn’t feel any shame about paying attention to appearance, but it was normal There’s nothing wrong with facials and taking care of your skin, and this isn’t the first time Neymar has had a facial.

” Neymar ‘s skin is sensitive and prone to oily skin. This treatment is an enhanced version, which makes the skin more resistant. The skin looks good, and it will also enhance your self-confidence,” the beautician revealed to the reporter.

Football players usually arrange training by the team. Although sweating helps detoxification, exercise strengthens the body, and promotes metabolism, but the skin is exposed to the sun for a long time, and excessive ultraviolet light will inevitably have an impact. Based on the status of a star player, he needs to appear on camera. Boys Amy is purely normal. In recent years, Neymar’s performance at the Changpu nightclub has been ups and downs on the court, and his face has become younger and younger, which still makes many fans envious.

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