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Fantastic!! This is the Nominal Prize for the World Cup 2022, Reaching Hundreds of Billions of Rupiah

This is the quantum of prize for the World Cup 2022 winners. The winning team will get a cash prize. The prize for the World Cup 2022 is much advanced than the prize in the former edition of the event.

The four- time event will bring together 32 of the stylish brigades from around the world. They will contend with each other to come the champion of the event. The World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar, from 20 November to 18 December 2022.

The rivals of this edition of the World Cup are clearly aiming for an iconic jewel. still, the cash prizes for the winners have also escaped the attention of players and suckers likewise. In April, FIFA verified that World Cup winners Qatar would admit$ 42 million in prize plutocrat.

In April, FIFA verified that World Cup winners Qatar would admit$ 42 million in prize plutocrat. This is an increase of$ 4 million compared to 2018.

Prize for the World Cup 2022 over time

2022           :US$ 42 million

2018           :US$ 38 million

2014           :US$ 35 million

2010           :US$ 30 million

2006           :US$ 20 million

2002           :US$ 8 million

1998           :US$ 6 million

1994           :US$ 4 million

1990           :US$3.5 million

1986           :US$2.8 million

1982           :US$2.2 million

Actors in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will also admit plutocrat from their participation. What’s clear is that they will go home with a hefty quantum of plutocrat. Simply qualifying for the 2022 World Cup sees each team dodge aU$1.5 million participation figure. The team will of course earn a much larger quantum if it advances to the knockout stages.

According to the details of the prize plutocrat bared by FIFA, the team that reaches the semi-finals in Qatar will admit a larger quantum of plutocrat than the 2006 World Cup winners.

Rewards for Each Phase

Group stage                  :US$9 million

Top 16                            :US$ 13 million

Quarter-Final                :US$ 17 million

Fourth position            : US$ 25 million

Third place                    : US$ 27 million

Runner-up                     :US$ 30 million

Champion                     :US $ 42 million

As an important part of a successful team, players also profit financially from appearing in the World Cup. While the base payment differs between public brigades and for different players. They get a share of whatever prize plutocrat their team receives.

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