If De Jong is willing to take a pay cut, Barcelona will be happy to keep him

According to “Daily Sports”, Dutch midfielder De Jong expressed his dissatisfaction with Barcelona’s top management in an interview today, which aroused the attention of Manchester United and Chelsea.

De Jong also stated in the interview that Barcelona hopes to sell him this summer and force him to leave the team. Manchester United and Chelsea have always wanted to introduce De Jong, which has attracted the attention of these two clubs.

Although De Jong wants to stay at Barcelona, Manchester United and Chelsea are ready to sign him when they have the opportunity. Barcelona is very calm about De Jong’s future. If the player is willing to cut his salary, Barcelona is happy to keep him. However, De Jong seems to be not easy after an interview.

Now it depends on whether the relationship between Barcelona and De Jong can ease. Unless they receive an undeniable offer, Barcelona will not sell him next summer.

In addition, former Barcelona coach Koeman talked about his compatriots and Barcelona striker Depay in an interview.

Koeman said that he and Depay are still in touch. Koeman said that the other party is very good, and this feeling has become stronger during their time together, including the Dutch national team and Barcelona.

Koeman praised Depay’s high professionalism and a good person, and everything he did was to compete at his best.

Source: live.77577.live

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