Not Only Cristiano Ronaldo, but Here Are also 5 List of Coach vs Player Conflicts in Football

The story of coach vs player always adorns the world of football with colorful surprising cases. The shoe flew to David Beckham’s left tabernacle, Zlatan Ibrahimovic disaccorded with Pep Guardiola. The rearmost conflict between Cristiano Ronaldo and Erik ten Hag has reached a climax.

This series of feuds, also frequently gave birth to the word” No player is bigger than the club” or” Star coach versus star player.” In addition to Ronaldo, there are a few cases of feuds between coach and players that have also shocked the world of football.

  1. Diego Costa vs Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte and Diego Costa have beautiful recollections when the coach had his first season at Chelsea in2016/2017. At the end of the season, both successfully lifted the Premier League jewel. But there’s another story behind Chelsea’s success in that season.

Costa does not like the way the coach is in the directorial aspect. According to him, Conte is too frequently suspicious of his own players. At that time, Costa suffered an injury and asked the coach’s authorization to step away from training for a while.

Still, Conte latterly set up his forward missing training. Conte eventually let the striker go at the end of the season after winning the Premier League.

Coach vs Player Feud that Ended up Leaving the Club

  1. David Beckham vs Sir Alex Ferguson

Ferguson was veritably worried when he went to the dressing room. Fergie with his hairdryer treatment blamed Beckham’s poor performance. Beckham replied with a curse that made Fergie turn around, also demurred a shoe 6 measures down at him.

This caused blood to drip from Beckham’s left tabernacle. Fergie also apologized to his foster children. still, the conflict is believed to have touched off the departure of the Old Trafford megastar to Real Madrid.

  1. Ibrahimovic vs Pep Guardiola

Zlatan and Pep’s relationship has been hotting up since they were together at Barcelona. In the 2010 titleholders League semi-finals, Barca lost to the Nerazzurri. The Swede called Guardiola” No guts!”. According to the player’s statement, Pep didn’t respond at that time and incontinently left without saying anything. The conflict hotted up again lately when Ibra talked about Erling Haaland’s progress and development at Manchester City.

” Can Guardiola develop his capacities? It’s over to Pep whether he wants to make himself bigger than Haaland or not. He allowed me to be bigger or equal to him,” said Ibra.

But Pep replied casually and satirically for the statement made by Ibra.

” He is right, my pride at this club exceeds everyone’s,” replied Pep.

The miscalculations of Players That Detector Feuds

  1. Adem Ljajic vs Delio Rossi

Ljajic was shocked when he was hit by Delio Rossi when both were still defending Fiorentina in 2012. It all started when Ljajic was taken off during Fiorentina’s match against Novara. Ljajic did show his annoyance, but he denied when indicted of swearing and affronting the coach.

After the match Delio Rossi was incontinently fired for his violent conduct against players. Fiorentina stated that they won’t tolerate acts of violence that live in the club terrain.

  1. Mario Balotelli vs Roberto Mancini

Talking about Balotelli, there have been numerous series of stories about the Italian player’s failure. It was his nature and character that also made his career dim.

The feud between the two broke out when Balotelli launched a hard attack on Scott Sinclair after losing the ball. Mancini cried at the player and tried to get him off the pitch. wrathfulness peaked when Mancini eventually pulled Balotelli’s shirt.

The most phenomenal, of course, was during the pre-season match between Manchester City and LA Galaxy in 2011. Balotelli had a golden occasion in front of thing. Still, doing the reverse heel trick doesn’t need to make the ball wide.

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