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Results World Cup 2022 | Qatar vs Ecuador: The First Host in World Cup History to Fall Without Reply

The Enner Valencia brace adorns the final result of the opening match of the 2022 World Cup Group A between Qatar vs Ecuador. Host Qatar had to swallow a bitter lozenge in the initial match of the 2022 World Cup. Qatar had to admit Ecuador’s advantage with a score of 2- 0.

The 2022 World Cup between Qatar vs Ecuador took place at Al Bayt Stadium, Monday (21/11/2022) in the morning WIB. From the launch again, Qatar looked not optimal because the Qatari players looked nervous. This redounded in frequent mishandling and late ending of empty space on the field.

On the other hand, Ecuador, who appeared confident, was suitable to take advantage of openings. Where in the 3rd minute, Enner Valencia surprised the home suckers. He scored a title thing that took advantage of the Qatar protector’s heedlessness.

Ecuador had celebrated, but also the adjudicator annulled the thing. Looking at the renewal, one of the Ecuador players appeared to be in an offside position when the ball first bounced into the penalty box.

Match Path Qatar vs Ecuador

Valencia eventually really listed his name on the scoreboard with a penalty thing in the 16th minute. A quiet prosecution into the nethermost right corner, the Qatar goalkeeper jumped the wrong way.

The 31st minute, Valencia scored the alternate thing which also hit Qatar. The host actually has started to find a meter, but it seems not optimal. Score 0- 2 led the players to the locker room.

Entering the alternate half, Qatar looked calmer. indeed so, they’ve not hovered the opponent’s thing. Ecuador sounded to change their approach a little in the alternate half. The callers tried to hold the ball longer to maintain the advantage.

Entering the final 10 twinkles, Qatar continued to try to break down the opponent’s defense. Ecuador waited for a chance to counterattack and sometimes had dangerous chances. Qatar kept trying, but the Ecuador defense was chastened. 5 twinkles of added time weren’t enough to score a fresh thing. Score 2- 0 to win Ecuador

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