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World Cup failed to meet rival Mane, Netherlands thrilling victory over Senegal

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar started today with a wonderful match between the Netherlands and Senegal in Group A. Before Senegal announced that it had lost its ace player, the 30-year-old striker Sadio Mane, withdrew from the World Cup due to injury. The two teams were evenly matched in the first game, but the Netherlands made a thrilling breakthrough at the last minute and won the game 2-1.

Before the World Cup was ignited, as Mane’s former Liverpool teammate, the 31-year-old Dutch Virgil van Dijk once revealed that although the Netherlands lost a strong opponent against Senegal to increase their hopes of winning, he still replaced Mane due to injury. It is a pity to miss the World Cup and not be able to play against him.

Although Van Dijk and Mane were in a hostile relationship representing different countries in the World Cup, they once fought side by side in the Premier League Liverpool and helped the team win the Premier League and the Champions League.

Mane has a strong offensive impact in the penalty area, and at the same time can easily play the left and right offensive roles. He can grasp the position on the field in time and use fast movements to improve the team’s scoring efficiency. It can also suppress the opponent’s defensive end.

World Cup failed to meet rival Mane, Netherlands thrilling victory over Senegal

Although Senegal performed well, injuries and mistakes became the weakness

Although Senegal has lost an important offensive player, their performance in this game is not bad, especially the defensive performance is remarkable, which makes Senegal lose some offensive firepower in the game, but still resist the Dutch attack. More than enough.

The performance of the Dutch team in this game is disappointing. Due to the weak attack of the striker, Senegal has been repeatedly blocked in offense. With Senegal’s 32-year-old midfielder 32-year-old Sheku Kouyat injured and leaving the field, there were loopholes in the defense, and the 30-year-old goalkeeper Edouard Mendy was slow to defend the ball and other factors gave the Netherlands an opportunity at the last moment. Minions striker Cody Jakpo, 29, scored with a header and midfielder David Klaassen, 29, sealed the 2-0 win in stoppage time.

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