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◤FIFA World Cup in Qatar◢ Robert Lewandowki misses penalty while Wojciech Szczęsny made numerous flying saves as misfiring Poland withstand onslaught to a goalless 0-0 draw against Mexico..

Misfiring Poland withstood the onslaught of its opponents at the 974 Stadium on Tuesday to draw 0-0 with Mexico in the first round of the Group C group stage match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.  



In the first half, Vega’s header went slightly wide of the post. Then, Gallardo’s double shots were first saved by Wojciech Szczęsny, then just wide of the post. By the climax of the half, Sánchez’s shot was bravely saved again.


Not long after the game recommences in the second half, Lewandowski won a penalty after he was brought down by Héctor Moreno, but his attempt was saved by Ochoa. Later, Martín’s header in the box was bravely saved again. Before the end of the game, Krychowiak’s long-range shot skied into the crowed. In the end, Poland drew 0-0 with Mexico.


First Half


In the 26th minute, Héctor Herrera cuts back and crossed from the edge of the byline on the right side of the box, Alexis Vega quickly followed up, rose high on the left side of the box and attempted a header, however his effort went just slightly wide of the right post.


Mexico then came back, Érick Gutiérrez sent an overhead pass from the front, Jesús Gallardo successfully beaten the offside trap, quickly followed up and strucked with his right foot upon receiving the ball from the left side of the box against the outrushing Wojciech Szczęsny the ball was initially parried not far away by the latter, after picking up the loose ball, Gallardo then made a right-footed shot, however his follow-up attempt went just slightly wide of the left post .


In the 45th minute, Henry Martín horizontally back-passed from the center of the box, after quickly following up and picked up the ball, Jorge Sánchez shot with his right foot from the right side the box, but his shot was was lifted over the crossbar by Szczęsny.


At the end of the first half, Poland and Mexico entered halftime having been goalless.


Second Half


Both teams changed sides as the game continued. In the 54th minute, Krystian Bielik made a through pass from the front, after successfully beating the offside trap, Robert Lewandowski quickly followed up, got the ball, dribbled  into the middle of the penalty area, then being tackled down by Héctor Moreno who was closely marking him. The VAR assistant referee immediately intervened. After the referee went to the sidelines to watch the VAR video playback personally, he judged that Moreno had indeed committed a foul, hence Poland was awarded a penalty on the spot.


Lewandowski took the penalty himself with a right-footed shot, but his attempt was accurately saved by Guillermo Ochoa who dived to the bottom right corner. Poland missed a golden opportunity to break the deadlock!


In the 64th minute, Edson Álvarez made an overhead pass from the front, Henry Martín successfully beaten the offside trap, quickly followed up and attempted a header from a very close distance in front of the goal, however his effort was parried away by Szczęsny who dived to the bottom right corner.


In the 6th minute of stoppage time, Lewandowski passed horizontally from the left wing, after quickly following up, got the ball and took a few steps, Grzegorz Krychowiak unleashed a long-range shot with his right foot from outside the penalty area, however his shot flew high out of the pitch.


As the final whistle is blown, Poland and Mexico shook hands as the game ended in a 0-0 goalless draw.



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