Qatar World Cup: The ticket checking system is abnormal, and fans enter the stadium for “free”

Qatar World Cup: The ticket checking system is abnormal, and fans enter the stadium for "free"

A huge football event held every four years, the 2022 Qatar World Cup is particularly interesting this year. It is the first World Cup held in winter in history and the first Islamic country to host it. In order to prepare for the event, Qatar spent about 220 billion US dollars on construction The competition venue and the reconstruction of the stadium created the most expensive World Cup in history. The appearance of the venue is more eye-catching than the participating players. Even the fans watching the live broadcast couldn’t help shouting, it’s really beautiful.

The time of the football game coincides with the end of the year, which is a good time for office workers to take their annual leave. Football fans want the atmosphere of the World Cup and witness the style and culture of Qatar’s Arab ethnic groups with their own eyes. They bought air tickets and admission tickets and flew to Fans who watched the game locally and couldn’t get tickets had no choice but to stand outside the stadium and cheer for the team through the big screen.

According to the media, before a match between the Netherlands and Senegal, Qatar’s local stadium ticket checking system was abnormal, and there was a problem with the revolving door, which caused a large number of fans to be unable to enter the stadium. Simply open all the doors and let fans in, causing some unticketed people to take advantage of the chaos and take advantage of the chaos to enter the stadium to watch the game.

The match between England and Iran was no exception. Because the entire queue was stagnant, the gates were open and the crowd was crowded. Some reporters took advantage of the opportunity to try to enter the stadium without a ticket while recording video. Unexpectedly, the security guard let people in without looking carefully. , In the end, a large number of England fans did not need to spend a penny, and all entered the game “free”.

source: live.77577.live

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