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Santos thinks it’s important to win opener; Addo says African side have chance to secure semi-final spot

Ronaldo’s off-court affairs are all the focus of Portugal since preparing for the World Cup . Manchester United officially announced Ronaldo’s departure on November 23. On the same day, the Football Association responded to the time when Ronaldo dropped a small fan’s mobile phone. Ronaldo was suspended for two games and fined 50,000 pounds.

In this regard, Portuguese coach Santos said at the pre-match conference that this will not take away their concentration. Whether it was during training or rest time, he never heard the players discussing, and neither did Ronaldo himself.

Santos said that it is difficult for any team to win in this kind of competition, just look at the first few games to know. They have to be ready to create huge problems for their opponents, Ghana is a very organized team. Winning the first game is important in any competition because it brings positive energy, although they have won the European Cup with a draw in the first three games.

On the other hand, regarding how to view the performance of African teams in this World Cup, Ghana coach Addo said that they have such excellent teams as Ghana, Morocco and Tunisia representing the African continent, not to mention Senegal with a strong team. Strength and outstanding performance won the last Africa Cup of Nations. African teams have a chance to claim a place in the semi-finals.

Addo also said that they have the ability to compete with the Portuguese team. They need to play with courage and face the game with confidence. Addo thinks their players are ready. Ado doesn’t understand and doesn’t care about Ronaldo. It’s an important game in the World Cup and he doesn’t think it affects anyone.

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