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Saudi captain Faraj out of Qatar World Cup

Saudi Arabia beat Argentina 2-1 in Group C of the World Cup in Qatar . Although it is something to be happy about, the Saudi players paid a heavy price for this victory. In addition to Shahrani, the Saudi captain Salman Faraj was unable to continue to participate in the next World Cup due to injury.

According to reports from the Saudi media “Albayan”, Saudi Arabia ‘s captain Faraj and defender Shahrani have no choice but to withdraw from the World Cup due to injuries.

In the match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina, Faraj was replaced in the 45th + 5 minutes. After the game, it was found that Faraj’s calf bone was indeed injured, and the Saudi Football Association officially released the news.

Although the Saudi team won the first game and is temporarily in the first place in Group C, it must sit firmly in the first place to enter the top 8. Saudi Arabia’s next opponent is Poland. The two players who withdrew from the World Cup are the main players of Saudi Arabia. Without them, it must be a hard battle.

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