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World Cup Prediction: Uruguay has won six of its eight wars with the old and the new, and South Korea’s chances of winning are slim?

After the Asian teams Saudi Arabia and Japan shocked the world by defeating the favorites Argentina and the strong team Germany, and for South Korea to advance to the favorite Uruguay in the opening game of Group H, what is the prospect of the South Korean team continuing the rise of Asia in the World Cup in Qatar? Although everything is full of variables, there are also various predictable signs in the development of the two sides in the World Cup.

According to previous World Cup results, Uruguay is a two-time champion, and won the third place in three times. It broke into the quarter-finals in the last World Cup in Russia. It is not only known as the favorite to qualify for the group stage, but also one of the dark horses in this World Cup. The South Korean team’s best record in the World Cup was winning the fourth place in 2002, and never advanced to the quarter-finals. They also failed to stand out in the group stage in the last two World Cups.

South Korea’s main player wears a mask and is injured. Uruguay has no major injuries

As the core general of the South Korean team, 30-year-old Sun Xingmin recently returned to the lineup from cheekbone fracture surgery. Due to the incomplete recovery of the injury and the need to wear a protective mask to play, his performance level and actual situation on the field are quite unstable. South Korea The 26-year-old striker Huang Xican also has a high probability of missing the World Cup due to a hamstring injury.

As for Uruguay, they did not suffer any major injury problems before this game, and the 23-year-old defender Ronald Araujo was announced today as being excluded from the lineup due to a thigh injury.

World Cup Prediction: Uruguay has won six of its eight wars with the old and the new, and South Korea's chances of winning are slim?

Uruguay midfielder Valverde dominates offense and defense, South Korea’s midfielder is weak

It is worth mentioning that the 24-year-old Federico Valverde, who is in charge of Uruguay’s midfielder in this game, has performed well in La Liga Real Madrid this season, both offensive and defensive. Compared with the weak South Korean team in terms of midfield level and depth, Valverde and 25-year-old Rodrigo Bentancur are more dominant and will become key players to affect Uruguay’s game.

Uruguay’s high level brings new strength with the old

In addition, Uruguay is also known for its cooperation between young and old on the field, and it is also one of the few teams in the World Cup that can bring the old and the new to the extreme.

In this game, 35-year-old forward Edinson Cavani, 35-year-old defender Martin Caceres, 36-year-old goalkeeper Fernando Muslera, 35-year-old forward Luis Alberto Suarez and 36-year-old Uruguay captain Diego Godin is a veteran who is going to the World Cup for the 4th time. He has a wealth of World Cup experience and strength. He led the young generation of excellent players Valverde and 23-year-old striker Darwin Nunes, both let Uruguay occupy the victory Advantage.

World Cup Prediction: Uruguay has won six of its eight wars with the old and the new, and South Korea's chances of winning are slim?

The history of the two teams and the World Cup results

In the history of the confrontation between the two teams, Uruguay and South Korea have scored goals in the 8 games they have faced each other. However, South Korea only won 2 games. Uruguay has won four of the past five World Cups, while South Korea has won one of six.

World Cup predictions

But following the rise of the Asian team in the World Cup in Qatar , I believe that the South Korean team is also an opponent that should not be underestimated by the Uruguay team. South Korea’s defeat of Germany in the last World Cup prevented it from advancing to the last 16, and it is also possible to maintain the level or go further in this World Cup.

In fact, the battle records of the two teams have good performances, but due to Sun Xingmin’s injury, it is likely to affect the game. It is predicted that Uruguay, which has a stable midfielder, can narrowly beat South Korea 2-1, or whether the two teams are evenly matched. Uruguay narrowly won 3-2.

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